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The Rumpus interview with Kadetsky: logo-smon fiction, nonfiction, and writing from an international perspective, from the perspicacious Olivia Kate Cerrone.

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Thanks to David Abrams at The Quivering Pen for naming On the Island at the Center of the Center of the World among 2015’s three best novellas, along with excellent work by Lawrence Coates (Camp Olvido) and Robert James Russell (Mesilla). “Kadetsky held me tight against the page as I followed Netti on her dangerous quest for the truth.”Typewriter-5 (1)

And on the topic of The Quivering Pen, its editorial board asked Kadetsky to chime in about what it was like getting published for the first (and… er… second, third, fifth, twenty-ninth) times: “By that, I think—or I thought charitably to myself at the time—he meant the type of fiction for hire that the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and James Thurber used to produce in the early 20th century for magazines such as Saturday Evening Post. But he might have meant, more derisively, women’s magazines.”

Check out the “Research Notes” for On the Island… in Necessary Fiction: “I suppose it was more of my good-bad luck that no one would talk to me in the space of a six-weeks arts fellowship in Malta during that summer of 2007.”

This most intelligent review by Hot Metal Bridge writer Courtney Luk, “A Study of Attitudes”cropped-VERYBIGBANNER_HMBtxt
Kadetsky’s novella is as much a story about an individual as it is about groups of people. It traces Netti’s struggle of recklessness and her rise from it while also focusing on the island of Malta and its people. Attitude in particular is at the forefront. How do cultures and individuals compare in regards to the intrusion of outsiders or foreign experiences? How do they deal with internal issues? Kadetsky masterfully conjoins these two lenses into one, having each interact and build upon the other to propel a singular story. Netti is affected by the happenings and ways of Malta as much as she affects those around her because of her hunger for revelation.

And a review of On the Island... in The Riveter: “The setting’s horrific history combined with Netti’s deteriorating personal life (of which Ian pays the price), come together for a book that, despite it’s small size, leaves you with a brick-sized lump in your gut.”

Here’s the good news that Kadetsky’s new novellaOn the Island at the Center of the Center of the World—set on the Isle of Malta during a misguided vacation/escape by the world-weary and misadventure-prone Netti, is officially published as of April 21. And there’s an exciting promotion sponsored by the truly excellent publisher, Nouvella, that enables you to receive a special “launch package”… wherein for $25 you receive a signed copy of the novella, a thank you note via snail mail from the author, and a link to an e-book that you can share with someone else to spread the love. (nb: shipping is included; domestic orders only–though international orderers should contact the publisher, which will accommodate).

Here’s what you need to know:
     -The link is here (in which the publisher says many nice things about the author and provides links to previous works)
     -You don’t need a PayPal account to check out; there’s an option to enter your credit card info when you get redirected to PayPal–so if you’re wary, there’s nothing to fear
     -The offer is open until April 30, so act fast!

Thanks for checking this out. The book is exquisitely edited and beautifully published.