The Poison that Purifies You playlist


This playlist:
was inspired by David Gutowski’s LargeHeartedBoy Book Notes blog. Click here to read Kadetsky’s column on the LHB site, in which she describes her music picks for the songs that inspired and were inspired by the writing of The Poison that Purifies You.


1. The Wind,” PJ Harvey, 1997 (to be played alongside “An Incident at the Plaza”)aa2fa387fa05c1a3c223cb115489d0e6


2download (2)Four Strong Winds,” Ian & Sylvia, 1964 (to be played alongside “Loup Garou”)



3. Fountain and Fairfax,” The Afghan Whigs, 1993 (to be played alongside “Men More than Mortal”)download (3)


download (4)4. The Lioness,” Songs: Ohia, 2000 (to be played alongside “The Poison that Purifies You”)


5.Dear God,” Monsters of Folk, 2009 (to be played alongside “Il Negro”)download (5)


6. Aïcha,” Cheb Khaled, 1996 (to be played alongside “The Indian Friend”)download (6)


7. Cherokee,” Cat Power, 2012 (to be played alongside “It Was Only Clay”)download (7)


8. Because the Night,” Patti Smith Group, 1978 (to be played alongside “Dermagraphia”)images (1)


9. Days of Fire,” Nitin Sawhney, 2008 (to be played alongside “What We Saw”)download (8)


10. Tom Traubert’s Blues,” Tom Waits, 1976 (to be played alongside “Geography”)images (2)


11. Bonus Track:
Adagio in G Minor for Organ and Strings,” Tomaso Albinoni, circa 1708images (3)